Current Billing Rates

Resource TypeRateDemand Interval  Estimated Rate for
1 Month Of Operation
Active Base System (See Below)7.716049382716 microunits/second60 minutes  20 units
AMD x86_64
Active Base System (See Below)3.858024691358 microunits/second60 minutes  10 units
Active Additional CPU Core5.787037037037 microunits/second60 minutes  15 units
AMD x86_64
Active Additional CPU Core2.8935185185185 microunits/second60 minutes  7.5 units
Active Additional RAM Allocation (per MB)0.0060281635802469 microunits/second60 minutes  0.01563 units
AMD x86_64
Active Additional RAM Allocation (per MB)0.0030140817901235 microunits/second60 minutes  0.00781 units
Active Additional System Storage (per MB)0.0002354751398534 microunits/second60 minutes  0.00061 units
Dedicated System Lease0.00 units/interval30 days  0.00 units
Static IPv4 address5.00 units/interval30 days  5.00 units
Static IPv6 address0.25 units/interval30 days  0.25 units
1 unit = $1 USD
1000000 microunits = $1 USD
Base system rate includes
1 CPU core
256.00MiB RAM
768.00MB Flash storage
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