Welcome to IntegriCloud™ — Your Home for Secure, OpenPOWER-Based Data Processing

Looking for POWER9 dedicated hosting?

Our POWER9 / OpenPOWER dedicated hosting services start at just $325/mo. for a complete 16-core machine with NVMe storage and full BMC access, and we can provide up to 176 threads and 2TB RAM in a single box! Email sales@integricloud.com to order a dedicated OpenPOWER lease tailored to your requirements!

Why IntegriCloud™?

At Raptor Data Solutions, we believe that using cloud services shouldn't require loss of privacy or the data breach risks currently present on other cloud platforms. Our IntegriCloud™ platform has been designed from the ground up to respect your rights over the data you process on our platform — and helps ensure compliance with new data privacy laws, including the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Unlike other providers, if basic security practices are followed by our clients inside their leased systems, we have no way to access their data stored on our platform. However, we don't expect you to take our word — or our hardware vendors' word — blindly. Instead, for your inspection and security audit purposes, we provide full source code for the exact firmware, kernel, and userspace stack running on our platform at any given time.

We like to think of it as "the cloud the way it should have been." No frills, no invasion of privacy, no hidden fees, just raw computational power and fast network access to power your critical applications.

No Hidden Backdoors

Our IntegriCloud™ OpenPOWER platform makes exclusive use of CPUs for which full control down to the firmware level is possible. We do not use systems that require vendor black boxes, like the ME or PSP, in which backdoors and security vulnerabilities may hide undetected, waiting to be exploited. The firmware source we provide is sufficient to boot our compute nodes without requiring additional binary components. This means that, unlike nearly every cloud provider currently on the market, full source and binary level security audits can be executed by our clients without any place for malware or backdoors to hide.

Public Services Welcome

The IntegriCloud™ platform is ready to host your publicly available applications and services. Our base service level imposes no data caps, and transmission speeds on our dedicated fiber network reach up to 50Mbps symmetric at the base service level, with higher speeds available if needed. We offer both IPv4 and IPv6 static addresses, and with our fully redundant power systems, uptimes generally exceed 99.999% with overall availability typically at or above 99.9%.

Get Started!

Get started with a secure OpenPOWER system on IntegriCloud™ system today by contacting us at sales@integricloud.com and requesting a secure OpenPOWER lease! We'll tailor the system(s) to your specific requirements and help get your new server up and running using our state of the art BMC-centric remote deployment procedures.

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